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Commuters of Delhi Metro faced inconvenience while traveling now (July 19) as Blue Line services from Indraprastha to Yamuna Financial Institute stations have been affected due to a technical snag. Later it was found that line service has been affected due to cable theft on part of down line in Vaishali/Noida digital metropolis and this can be rectified only after services are stopped at night.

“This has resulted in a monitor circuit drop (signaling subject) on this part, whereby trains have been restricted to run in guide mode only with a limited speed of 25 kmph. Because of this, there may be minor train congestion between these two stations. The Blue Line connects Dwarka Sector-21 in Delhi and the Digital Metropolis in Noida to Vaishali, a division of Yamuna Financial Institute.

To spread this word, DMRC officials are doing regular bulletins on trains as well as at stations. The restoration work on this route will be completed only in the evening hours on July 19, 2022, after the closure of revenue services, as three hours of ‘entry to trace’ will be required to trace the exact location of the theft. Compulsory substitute work.

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DMRC said that due to this there will be slight jamming of trains between these two stations. Vani Bhatia, a resident of Noida and traveling to and from Delhi said, “The train I boarded from Noida Sector 52 station at that time was running at normal speed. However, as soon as it reached Akshardham, all the passengers were asked to disembark with repeated bulletins that there was a technical snag. The next metro came after a quarter of an hour,” she said.

Several commuters shared their difficulties on Twitter and reminded DMRC that the Blue Line has been witnessing a more rapid breakdown in the last two months.

DMRC officials said the repair work would be completed on Tuesday night after the suspension of revenue services on the affected portion of the Blue Line.

This is because “entry into the trace” would be mandatory for three hours to trace the exact location of the theft and take necessary alternatives, he said. “In order to inform the passengers about the matter, bulletins are being made inside the stations and trains on the Blue Line. The data has also been shared by social media,” said an official.

Delhi Metro’s Blue Line has been delayed by over two hours due to a technical snag on June 9. While on June 6, services on the Blue Line were affected for about one and a half hours. As a result of a technical fault due to the collision of the hen.

Recently, when DMRC chief Vikas Kumar was asked about several technical glitches in the Delhi Metro corridors, critically on the Blue Line, he had said, “Most of them are chicken pelts and some bird bites. Overhead gear points were the cause of the fall. On this. We have now talked about this in our report submitted to the Delhi Transport Department.”

(with inputs from PTI)

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