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Death threat to Rahul Vaidya for Garbe Ki Raat: ‘Give us time to improvise the song’

Singer Rahul Vaidya has been receiving threats after the release of his song ‘Garbe Ki Raat’. Rahul’s team confirmed on Thursday that a section of the audience has expressed unhappiness over the mention of Mogal Maa, a goddess worshiped in Gujarat, in the song.

A statement issued by Rahul’s spokesperson said, “Yes, it is true that these messages and calls have been received since last night. messages are about to be received Rahul Vaidya Killed, beaten, even lodged an FIR against him or got him arrested. We would like to clarify that the deity was mentioned respectfully with the intention of hurting anyone’s sentiments. However, realizing that this has not gone down very well with a certain section of people, we respect it and are working at our level to rectify it.”

It further read, “We urge everyone who has given us time. The platform on which we have released the song will take at least a few days to adjust the corrections. Rest assured, we respect the sentiments and sentiments of all those who have expressed their concern.”

“Garbe Ki Raat” is sung and composed by Rahul Vaidya, which is also sung by Bhumi Trivedi. Apart from Rahul, TV actress Nia Sharma is also in the music video of the song.


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