Cramer’s lightning round: Let Extreme Networks cool off a little before buying

Paramount Group Inc: “It’s very cheap, but at the same time, I don’t like office real estate. So, I’m torn on this one.”

Uranium Energy Corporation: “There are no consistent brands in this country for nuclear power. It has too many enemies.”

Extreme Networks Inc.: “I think it’s a very good networking company. … Let it cool off a bit, and then you can do some shopping.”

Super Micro Computer Inc.: “It sounds too good to be true, which means we … have to find out what that company really does.”

Nvidia Corporation: “I feel [their inventory buildup] Goes through and is done and flushed by the first week of January, and will be in better shape.”

Barrick Gold Corporation: “Its yield is good, but the problem is the dollar has to weaken. And in that case, if the chart is good, you can be a buyer.”

Disclaimer: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Nvidia.

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