Covid news live: Omicron found in a third of US states but early reports on severity are ‘encouraging’, says Fauci

Early reports on Omicron severity ‘encouraging’, says Fauci

Doctor Anthony Fauci said on sunday The threat to the US from the Omicron version is yet to be determined – but signs from South Africa, where the version emerged, were encouraging.

“Obviously Omicron has a transmission advantage in South Africa,” Fauci told CNN’s State of the Union, “because …

As of now – although it’s too early to make a really definitive statement about it – it doesn’t seem like there’s much seriousness to it.

“But we have to be really careful before making any decisions that [Omicron] is less severe or it does not actually cause any serious illness compared to delta. But, so far, the signs about the seriousness are a bit encouraging. But, again, you’ll have to decide until we get more experience. ,

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Omicron found in a third of US states