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Last year’s massive anti-corruption protests robbed conservatives of support boyko borisov, who long led the poor Balkan nation with one of the EU’s lowest COVID vaccination rates and one of the world’s highest pandemic mortality rates.

“I want the elections to be successful this time so that we can have a new government for a better life,” said the pensioner. stanka lenkovasaid at a polling station on the outskirts of Sofia, 73.

Polling stations are scheduled to close at 8:00 pm (1800 GMT), when the first exit polls are expected to be published.

According to the Election Commission, the turnout at 4:00 pm reached a little over 25 per cent, compared to around 27% during the previous elections in July at that time.

Many have said they are disappointed by the failure of the parties to form a workable coalition after votes in Parliament were fragmented in April and July.

Analysts have said they expect the parties to work hard to form a government to end the worst political crisis since the fall of communism, highlighting the need to tackle the raging pandemic.

The interim administration failed to take drastic measures and prevent new infections and deaths from rising.

Only 23 percent of Bulgaria’s 6.9 million people have been fully vaccinated, while until recently about 200 people are dying every day in under-staffed hospitals.