Courts should be the last option: CJI

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, 4th December

As the pendency of cases continues to rise, Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Saturday advised litigants, especially traders, to treat litigation as a last resort – only through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as arbitration. , for their resolution after the pursuit of mediation and conciliation. Controversy

“My advice is, having participated in the legal profession for more than 40 years in various positions, you should have the option of going to the courts as a last resort. This last resort should be used instead of ADR – Mediation, Mediation and Conciliation Alternatives Do it only after discovery. Mediation and arbitration are efforts to restore a relationship,” the CJI said while addressing a ‘stakeholders’ conference’ at the International Arbitration and Arbitration Centre, Hyderabad.

Citing various reasons for opting for arbitration or arbitration over traditional litigation, he said that ADRs had several advantages – less delay, less expensive, more party options, more control, more comfortable and congenial environment for the parties.

Justice Ramana wondered whether one could even imagine a world without conflict. “A prudent person tries to find ways to resolve them amicably. Conflicts have a human face and it helps to be humane in our approach to solving them. One must have the foresight to look beyond conflict, The CJI said.