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Congress will win Goa elections in 2022, Lok Sabha elections in 2024: Chidambaram

Panaji, 14 October

Congress veteran P Chidambaram on Thursday expressed confidence that his party will win next year’s Goa Assembly elections and the next Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Chidambaram, who is AICC Goa election in-charge, was addressing party workers after inaugurating the state election campaign office in Panaji.

He said, ‘Let me tell one thing from history… Whoever wins Goa, wins Delhi. In 2007 we won Goa… in 2009 we won Delhi. In 2012, we unfortunately lost Goa, in 2014 we lost Delhi. In 2017, you (referring to the party workers) won Goa, but our MLAs lost Goa,” he said, noting that the Congress had lost the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

The former Union Minister said that this time his party is moving ahead with courage and confidence and will win Goa in 2022 and Delhi in 2024.

In the 2017 Goa Legislative Assembly elections, the Congress emerged as the single largest party winning 17 seats in the 40-member House. But, at that time the BJP formed an alliance with some regional organizations and independent MLAs to form the government.

The Congress currently has four MLAs in the state.

“History is ours… We are starting with an auspicious day today and our office has been inaugurated by a valued politician and former Chief Minister Pratapsinh Rane,” Chidambaram said.

Addressing the Congress workers, he said that they should remember the ‘Golden Year’, when Goa grew, developed and flourished in the field of industries, schools, colleges and roads.

“We will bring back that golden era of Goa from 2022. I want you to move forward with courage and confidence,” he told Congress workers.

Chidambaram said Goa will not be made a colony of any political party.

Without naming any political party, he said, “Goa cannot become a political colony of an invader. Goa will be ruled by Goa. Goa belongs to the people of Goa, the people of Goa and the people of Goa. Goa is ruled by Goa.” Will happen.” PTI

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