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New Delhi, 7 January

The BJP today came under criticism over “security breaches” during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Punjab on January 5, while the Congress said the BJP should point out that the Special Protection Group (SPG) had attacked the PM. Why Drishti, who was trapped on the flyover, was busted?

Union Minister Giriraj Singh has alleged that the attempt to “finish” the PM was “linked to the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office”.

“The Prime Minister could have been killed by a drone or telescopic gun,” the Union Rural Development Minister claimed, terming the “major security breach” as a “high-level conspiracy”.

Sharing the video of the PM’s convoy stuck on the flyover, Giriraj Singh tweeted, ‘It was not a coincidence, but a conspiracy to drag the PM into the well of death. He was saved by the grace of Mahadev (Lord Shiva). If a thorough investigation is done, it will not only reveal the role of the Punjab Chief Minister’s Office, but will also reveal that the strings may be linked from above.

BJP MPs protest against Congress near Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Parliament premises. They raised slogans demanding an apology from the Punjab government.

Meanwhile, the Congress has said that the BJP should stop politicizing the issue of Prime Minister’s security.

“The pictures released by the government of the PM’s convoy on the flyover clearly highlight the PM’s vision. How can SPG allow this? Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said.

The Congress also said that a new viral video of the January 5 incident shows BJP supporters were close to the PM.

“PM Modi is the only SPG protected in the country. The SPG reports to the PMO and the Cabinet Secretary. That’s why we want to ask the government to make public all the information on which the SPG has taken action.

He further said, “When the PM was stranded on the flyover, the SPG did not even cover his vision as it is clear from the visuals. The PM’s vehicle is completely exposed. Why? The one who plays politics on PM’s security. BJP should be closed.By doing this dirty politics will automatically stop.

high level conspiracy

This was not a coincidence, but a conspiracy to drag the PM into the well of death. The role of Punjab CMO will be revealed in the investigation. -Giriraj Singh, Union Minister

PM’s eyes exposed

The government released pictures of the PM’s convoy on the flyover, which clearly highlights the PM’s vision. How can SPG allow this? – Supriya Shrinate, Congo