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Congress and JD(S) doing business even after two years after coalition government collapsed in Karnataka – India Times Hindi News

Two years after the fall of the Congress-JDS coalition government in Karnataka, the top leaders of both the parties have not progressed. JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy and Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Wednesday blamed each other for the collapse of their coalition government.

“Siddaramaiah only needs power. When he didn’t get that power in this party, didn’t he enter Congress? He sacrificed the political future of his 23 ministers to sit in the opposition. Everyone knows who is responsible for making Yeddyurappa the Chief Minister. Is he not ashamed to call JD(S) the B team of BJP? Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy blamed Siddaramaiah for the collapse of the coalition government.

The blame game that began in July 2019, when the Kumaraswamy-led coalition government fell after 17 Congress-JDS MLAs joined the BJP, did not end there. Siddaramaiah hit back at Kumaraswamy’s allegations, saying he had insulted the Constitution of India by insulting the position of the Leader of the Opposition.

“Is this the honor that a former chief minister gives to a constitutional post? Even his father HD Deve Gowda had served as the Leader of the Opposition when Devaraj Urs was the Chief Minister. Of the 17 MLAs who joined the BJP during the coalition government, three belonged to the JD(S). Did I send them too? Also when he addressed during the vote of no-confidence motion, he blamed Yeddyurappa for ‘Operation Kamala’ and alleged that BJP lured MLAs by offering money and posts. Then why didn’t he take my name? I will answer in the assembly itself. I have never compromised on my ideology or principles for political gains. It was Kumaraswamy who withdrew support to the Dharam Singh government in 2005 and joined hands with the BJP to become the chief minister. Did it for power or to do penance?” said another former chief minister Siddaramaiah.

“At a time when the coalition government was about to lose majority, Kumaraswamy was sitting in the US. What was the need of this? I called him to come back as soon as possible but he stayed there for 9 days. Can CM run government from West End? Can he run the administration without meeting MLAs, ministers and officials? This was the reason for the fall of the government. I am tired of repeating the same thing. I will not respond to such allegations again.”

However, the war of words did not end there. Two chief ministers have taken oath after the collapse of the Congress-JDS, but the two leaders have not unanimously found “the cause of the collapse”.

Kumaraswamy said that he will stop talking about Siddaramaiah only when Siddaramaiah stops talking about him and his party.

“If you don’t stop, I won’t stop. Siddaramaiah is responsible for the collapse of the coalition government. He sent his MLAs to the BJP. He planned to topple the coalition government before taking it down. On one hand he would criticize the JDS. On the other hand, he would criticize the JDS. On the other hand he has drowned his own party. Siddaramaiah is not trustworthy,” Kumaraswamy said.

This statement is the latest in the ongoing and possibly never-ending quest to find the “person responsible” for the collapse of the coalition government in Karnataka.

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