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Come Monday, children of Chandigarh come back to school – World Latest News Headlines – Bharat Times Hindi News

The UT education department has directed schools in the city to reopen classes 1 and above from October 18. Students will be able to attend classes only after presenting their parental consent and classes will be conducted both online and offline.

Many parents have been insisting that the decision of school going students should not be imposed and online learning should continue even for those students whose parents are hesitant to send them to school. COVID-19 Infection.

It was said that the President of Chandigarh Nitin Goyal talking to Parents Association Indian Express “The point is that it should not be imposed on the parents. Because there is mixed reaction among parents – some prefer to open schools while some say it is too early.” He added, “Many parents are of the view that online classes should continue. It is needed.”

The District Education Officer has issued an order in this regard. It read, “Heads of all institutions shall ensure compliance of the directions and SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Union Territory Administration from time to time. Vaccination of teaching and non-teaching staff will also be ensured. In July, schools reopened for classes IX, followed by classes VII and VIII in August, and classes V and VI in September.


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