Citigroup: Citigroup to implement ‘no-jab, no-job’ policy from January 14: Source – Times of India – India Times English News

New Delhi: Citigroup Inc. According to a source familiar with the matter, it will begin implementing the previously announced “no-when, no job” policy on January 14, making it the first major Wall Street institution to implement a strict COVID-19 vaccine mandate .
The move comes as the financial industry, eager to get back to business as usual, has learned how to get workers into the office safely amid the spread of the highly contagious Omicron COVID version.
Whereas Citigroup The first Wall Street bank to implement a vaccine mandate is that some other major US companies, including Google and United Airlines, have introduced “no-when, no-job” policies with varying rigor.
Citigroup said in October that US workers would be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of their employment.
The bank said at the time it was complying with President Joe Biden administration policy that required full vaccination of all employees supporting government contracts, as the government remains a “large and important” customer of Citi. , said Sarah Wechter, head of human resources, in a LinkedIn post.
At the time the bank said that the bank would assess the exemption on religious or medical grounds, or on any other accommodation permitted by state or local law.
The source said the bank will start implementing that policy from January 14, but did not provide further details.
The US Supreme Court was hearing arguments on Friday over requests by Republican state officials and business groups to block Biden vaccine mandates for employers with more than 100 workers.
Bloomberg first reported the January 14 deadline on Friday. The news outlet reported that Citigroup will put workers on unpaid leave who haven’t taken unpaid leave by that time, with their last day of employment at the end of the month.
Quoting a Citigroup spokesperson, Bloomberg reported that more than 90% of Citigroup employees have complied with the mandate so far, and that figure is growing rapidly.
Many financial companies have pushed back their office-to-off plans, while others are encouraging employees to work from home, get vaccinated and take regular tests.