Chidambaram: Biren has lost political legitimacy

Citing that the Director General of Assam Rifles, the principal Central Armed Police Force in Manipur,  has described the situation in Manipur as “very unprecedented”, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Friday said that in the last three days, eight people were killed in the state. “Manipur  is being asked to pay a heavy price in order to save the chair of one person, Mr Biren Singh, the chief minister who has lost all political legitimacy,” Chidambaram posted on X, formerly Twitter.

He further posted that “the Home Minister presides over a worsening situation; and the Hon’ble Prime Minister seems to have erased Manipur from his radar”.

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“Manipur is a State, not a piece of real estate. The central government is acting as if the state does not exist… This is constitutionally wrong, politically immoral and, from the people’s point of view, a complete disaster,” the post said.