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CBSE date sheet on October 18, students of over 2,000 schools in Delhi will take board exams for the first time

The date-sheet of CBSE Class X and XII first examination, scheduled for November-December, will be released by the board on October 18.

The board had announced in July that instead of conducting an annual board examination at the end of the year this academic session, it would split the syllabus in half and test each half in two term-end examinations. The first term exam will be conducted offline in November-December and will be conducted as objective type tests of 90 minutes.

There are 2,188 schools in Delhi affiliated to CBSE. Lakhs of students from these schools, including government schools in the city, will appear for the first-ever examination in December. This is the first time after March 2020 that so many students will appear in the physical exam in schools.

In order to optimize the exam schedule and to wrap up the exams in fewer days, the board on Thursday informed the schools that it has decided to split the subjects of class X and class XII into major subjects – offered by almost all affiliated schools. is – and is provided by, smaller subjects – fewer schools.

The major subjects will follow a common fixed exam schedule like the normal years after the minor subject exams are completed. The board has created groups of schools which offer particular short subjects and will prepare different timetables for these, as different schools may conduct different exams on a given day.

This has been done because the board is offering 114 subjects in class XII and 75 subjects in class X and has estimated that the examination would take at least 45 days by following the earlier system of a common schedule for all schools .

Since the exams are being conducted in the middle of the academic year, the board is trying to “avoid learning loss”.
There are 19 major subjects for class XII and 9 major subjects for class X. The reading time for the exam has been increased from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

The second session exam is scheduled for March-April 2022. Students will not be considered as ‘pass’, ‘compartment’ or ‘required repetition’ after the first session examination as their final result will be declared only after the second session examination.


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