CBSE Class 10 Board 2022: Tips to Prepare Language Papers for Term-1 Exam

The introduction of objective type paper by CBSE will test the overall understanding and comprehension of the students. In a language paper, in which many things are critically appreciated, hitting the right nail on the head is important. The knowledge and understanding of the students will be tested according to a specific question such as selecting suitable material with respect to cause, effect or solution.

Reading the choice of words carefully and understanding the question will be essential to succeed in this exam. Some tips to prepare for language subjects are as follows:

– Thorough reading of chapters focusing on speaker’s tone, mood, theme and character traits will help learners to answer objective questions in a better way. Critical appreciation of poems and texts is essential, so as to link them to the central idea and message conveyed through the chapters.

Rigorous grammar practice and reading worksheets are important to boost the confidence of the learners as well as strengthen their concepts. The age-old thinking of ‘practice makes a man perfect’ in exams comes true. Analysis of the answers will motivate them to rectify their errors before taking the test.

– While the writing section is not covered in the Hindi language, it is an important part of the English paper. This section can be strengthened by going through the formats and understanding the divided content structure in terms of cause-effect-solution; So that the appropriate options can be selected on the basis of the given question.

Time management is the key to crack the objective based paper as reading section takes time to be understood by many students. Judicious use of 20 minutes of reading time will make the completion of the paper easier. reading and understanding questions; Also, careful analysis of all the options is essential to get the correct answer.

Solving sample papers based on time limit will enable students to manage their time in a better way and also practice different types of questions.

– Accuracy is the major determinant to score in Term 1 paper, so a focused and attentive approach will get them moving.

(The author is Principal, Pacific World School, Greater Noida)