Cara Delevingne says internalised homophobia made her suicidal

cara delevingne revealed how to deal with it gender identity When she was growing up, the feeling of suicide entered her mind.

speaking in his upcoming BBC documentary Planet Sex with Cara DelevingneThe model and actorwho is gender fluid and bisexual, explained that she did not understand her identity as a teenager.

“I couldn’t talk to anyone about it,” she says on the documentary, “I had a lot of internal homophobia And be ashamed I thought I was abnormal.

The 30-year-old continued: “I thought about ending my life, as I did many times, and I’m so glad I didn’t because if I could help another child who was there for me Means the world.

“It meant the world to the little quirky kid that I was. Or am I

Reflecting on the making of the six-part documentary, which premieres in the UK on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Thursday 1 December, Delevingne said: “It has changed my life so much. Now I am happier than ever. We I am really proud of what I have created.

“I know I shouldn’t be ashamed, but I truly believe there are souls like me all over the world.”

She said: “I think it opened me up to be drawn to it.”

Delevingne explained that she hopes the documentary will open people’s eyes to the reality of questioning your gender identity and help others who do the same feel less alone.

“In the world I live in, most of my friends are straight,” she said. “I had never been to Pride before making this show. I have a lot of weird friends now.

“If we can change someone’s mind so that they are more willing to accept themselves or anyone else, that’s what I want.”

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