Canadian Grand Prix: F1 – Live!

Lap 2/70: Leclerc has already made some places; Verstappen takes the lead in the second half. Schumacher is having a hard time with this, which Russell has now passed.

Lap 1/70: And we’re away! Verstappen evaporates and keeps Alonso alternately at arm’s length. Hamilton goes wheel-by-wheel with Magnussen in the first chicken but the Dane stands his ground. Ocon takes it easy on Schumacher’s past.

The drivers walk away for the formation lap. not long now. All eyes are on one.

Steve Carbert writes in On the danger of F1’s European leg: “It looks like the people with the money have been put to death on the game, they will take the show on the road to where the highest bidder lives. Me in the days to come Fear.”

Great game? Sell on one’s own To Highest bidders, Not sure.

Christian Horner says: “Fernando is going for it, so we just have to try to clean it up as quickly as possible. You just have to go on with your word. We can’t spend time worrying about what Fernando is going to do. Hopefully He is smart and we will have to stick to the same for more Checos as well.”

zhou guanyue Delivered the best qualifying performance of his career yesterday and wants to do well on that today.

“Yesterday was a good day. Especially considering the conditions. Here we are, best position to start, and the goal is to still score points with both cars today.

“We have some cars ahead of us Maybe those who are a little slower than us, but there is certainly one Red Bull and Ferrari behind us who will go through the pack very quickly. ,

some pre-race readingsOn the danger of F1’s European stage:

Another victim of yesterday’s situation Sergio Perez – second in the drivers’ standings – crashed in Q2 and will start in 13th place today. “I made a mistake on my part, so I’m very sorry for my team,” he later cried. “I unfortunately disappointed them today.” He and Leclerc are taking the field, and with Mercedes still to overcome their aerodynamic headache, can Alonso steal a rare podium finish? His last time was in Qatar last year, which in turn was his first for 105 races. Today’s win would make him the oldest winner since Nigel Mansell in 1994.

some positive weather newsIn that too, the catastrophe of yesterday is nowhere to be seen. It has rained, so are clouds and cold temperatures. Montreal’s temperature is 18 degrees and it’s sunny on race day.

star of the show There was undoubtedly Fernando Alonso during yesterday’s qualifying, who scrambled around a tricky circuit to land his first front-row debut in a decade – though he was careful to strike a minor note afterward.

“It was not a general qualification Or not a normal day,” he said. “FP1, we had very dirty track. Very clean track. FP2, it was getting grippier and more common. FP3 was wet and qualifying was just semi-dry. So we didn’t have two seasons in a row with similar conditions, So you really had to adapt very fast to the new situations that you are facing.

“so it seems That we had the right confidence in the car, and a good set-up. So I think it’s down to 50% for the team and down to the driver that today everything was fine, but it doesn’t make sense because I said the race is tomorrow and you make a mistake and you have zero points. ,

Here’s our report from yesterday’s qualification:


A penny for the ideas of Charles Leclerc, Two months earlier Monegasque was moving away from the chasing pack, looking every bit the champion-in-waiting after two victories from the first three races, leaving him 34 points clear in the drivers’ championship – and 46 his most. The clear title became clear from rival Max Verstappen in.

But two months is a long time in Formula One, as the saying goes, and poor Leclerc walks into today’s Canadian GP and treats it as a damage-limiting exercise for his title hopes. An apparently ridiculous 80-point swing over the past five races has propelled Verstappen to the top of the leaderboard, where he is joined by teammate Sergio Perez. And at the start line in Montreal, Leclerc will see Verstappen through a sea of ​​traffic that has been sent to the back of the grid and punished for using too many power-unit components. what is monegasque for Damn it,

Lewis HamiltonThe man who spent weeks on the Baku Straits treating back injuries sustained from a jump comes into the race after qualifying for his best season so far – though his hopes of upsetting Verstappen’s Red Bull from fourth have really been are thin.

With Verstappen in the front row The 40-year-old will be young Fernando Alonso, who overtook years in qualifying, ginning around a wet track and slamming his alpine out of the last corner to cap a majestic lap. And the Spaniard has made no secret of hiding his plans for today. “The goal is to lead the race by one lap,” he says. “Turn One: Maximum Attack.”

it should be fine. Strap in. Lights out at 19:00 BST.