Bulli Bai case: Mastermind student made lewd remarks on complainant’s photo; Planted Fake News – Bharat Times Hindi News

Police said on Friday that Neeraj Bishnoi, the creator of the Bulli Bai application, had earlier created an account on Twitter making lewd comments on a complainant’s picture and even tweeted about the person being auctioned. One such case came to the fore when the investigation of the Sully Deal case was going on. He told that through this handle he had tried to give some information about the possible promoter/promoter of Sully Deals app.

With the arrest of a 21-year-old engineering student, the Delhi Police had said it has solved a case related to hundreds of Muslim women listed for “auction” on the Bully Buy app on the Github platform. During interrogation, it was found that Bishnoi had earlier created several Twitter handles in the name of Giyu, a gaming character. A senior police officer said the handles have been identified as @giyu2002, @giyu007, @giyuu84, @giyu94 and @giyu44.

“@giyu2002 This account has been found linked to an FIR lodged at Kishangarh Police Station, South-West Delhi. In this case, he had made lewd comments on the picture of a complainant from this Twitter account and even mentioned the auction. I tweeted too. The account was created on Jan 3, 2022 with the agenda @giyu44. Police said Bishnoi had also tried to identify himself from Nepal.

The account @giyu007 surfaced while the Sully Deal case was under investigation. Police said that through this handle he had tried to give some information about the possible promoter/promoter of Sully Deals app. During this, Bishnoi also created a fake profile of a girl and tried to communicate with the investigating agency as a news reporter. Besides, he came in contact with various news correspondents and tried to spread misinformation with their nefarious goals, the DCP said.

Further investigation is on, he said. Bishnoi, a resident of Jorhat, who studies computer science engineering in Bhopal, was the fourth person to be arrested for his alleged involvement in the case. The other three, who were arrested by the Mumbai Police, include a 19-year-old woman from Uttarakhand, who is reportedly the prime accused in the case.

Bulli Bai app was developed in November last year and updated in December. Bishnoi also had a keen eye on social media. Police said Bishnoi revealed during interrogation that he had created the Bulli Bai app on Github as well as the @bullibai_Twitter handle and others. The Twitter account was created on December 31st.

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