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Mark Friesen has announced he’ll be running in the Saskatoon Meewasin byelection as the Buffalo Party’s candidate.

Friesen ran in two previous federal elections for the People’s Party of Canada, and said he’s running in the provincial election to see some change.

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“Our provincial legislature is full of establishment politicians who have become way too cozy and comfortable and have failed to defend and protect the values of the people of Saskatchewan. We desperately need change and leaders with the courage to stand up to Ottawa and the globalist policies which will hurt people in this province,” said Friesen.

“We built this province on fundamental values, Christian values of freedom, liberty, justice, equality under the law, prosperity and truth. It’s way past time that we start defending and protecting those values.”

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Friesen is a retired corrections officer and is now a small business owner, as well as the founder and CEO of the Forum for Canadian Sovereignty, what Friesen calls a non-governmental organization opposing the “globalist agenda.”

The Saskatoon resident is married and has three grown children.

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Details of when the byelection will be held are still up in the air, but the Sask. Party, NDP and Liberal Party have all named a candidate.

Jeff Walters will be running for the Liberals, Kim Groff will be running for the Sask. Party, and Nathaniel Teed is the NDP’s candidate for the race.

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