Bryan Kohberger search warrant highlights missing evidence in Idaho murders

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Brian Kohberger appears in Idaho court for the first time

Authorities have seized a trove of evidence from the Washington apartment of Idaho murder suspect Brian Kohberger — but several key items, including the murder weapon, remain unaccounted for.

According to search warrant records released Wednesday, the evidence included items seized with “reddish or brown spots”, a computer tower and a disposable glove. Investigators also confiscated the mattress cover and the dust container of a vacuum cleaner.

Mr. Kohberger is accused of the fatal stabbings of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Zana Kurnodl and Ethan Chapin in Moscow. IdahoOn 13 November.

Authorities said in the search warrant application that they expected to find hair that could link the suspect to the scene of the horrific crime.

He said in the application that it could be either through the four victims or through a dog which was in the rented house at the time of the murder.

Police said one of the items found in the suspect’s apartment at nearby Washington State University was a “possible animal hair”.

But several items investigators were looking for were not found – including clothing and the knife allegedly used in the stabbing.


What’s missing from the apartment search warrant?

Following the release of records revealing evidence seized from Brian Kohberger’s Pullman apartment, several key items related to the crime are still unaccounted for.

The most important thing is the weapon used in the stabbing, which the police have repeatedly described as a knife. A knife casing was found next to the victim, Madison Mogen, along with DNA evidence, leading investigators to Mr. Kohberger as the suspect.

Also, the clothes that the killers wore at the time of the murder were also not found.

The most important evidence seized was a computer tower, which could provide information about the lead-up to the crimes.

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Victim’s longtime boyfriend creates Instagram account for his dog

Goncalves’ mother, Christy Goncalves, shared that Jack Ducoeur is behind an Instagram account dedicated to Murphy, the pet dog who was found inside the home when police conducted an incriminating search on Nov. 13.

The dog was handed over to animal services and later released to Mr Ducoor.

Although the couple recently broke up before Goncalves moved to Texas, they remain friendly, their relatives have said.

On the account’s first post on Monday, Mr Ducoeur posted a photo of the Labradoodle with the caption: “Missing my mom every day, but trying to live my best life. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the sky this evening.” Had the opportunity to admire the beauty.

“This is a fake photo of me. My mom loved it,” read another post.

The account already has over 10,000 followers, with people commenting heartfelt messages.

“This hurts my heart. You are a good boy Murphy. So glad you and your dad have each other,” wrote one Instagram user. “You will be best friends for life. Lots of love and sympathy to all grieving Kylie.”

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Police seize mattress from Idaho stabbing suspect’s home

When they searched Brian Kohberger’s Washington state apartment, investigators seized stained bedding, strands of what looked like hair, and a glove.

A Washington state judge unsealed search warrants for Mr Kohberger’s home and Washington State University office on Tuesday.

Mr Kohberger has been charged with first-degree murder and four counts of burglary in connection with the murders of Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Zana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin in the neighboring town of Moscow, Idaho.

Investigators found nothing notable in Kohberger’s office at WSU, where he was a teaching assistant and graduate student studying criminology.

They took 15 items from her on-campus apartment, including a nitrite-type black glove, cuttings from a reddish-brown stained pillowcase, and a stained mattress cover.

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A hit-and-run broke out outside Brian Kohberger’s home the night of the murder.

According to officials, at around 11.40 pm on November 12, police were called to a report of an accident in front of an apartment complex on the Washington State University (WSU) campus in Pullman, Washington state.

The apartment complex, which houses mainly graduate or PhD students, had been Mr. Kohberger’s home since August, when he moved from his home state of Pennsylvania to start a PhD program in criminal justice at the university.

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‘Possible animal hair’ found in Idaho murder suspect’s home after dog saved from massacre

One of the pieces of evidence seized from the home of Idaho murder suspect Brian Kohberger was a “possible animal hair” – leading to speculation that it could be from victim Kaylee Goncalves’ dog.

Included in the list of seizures was a “possible animal hair strand”. Mr. Kohberger is not believed to have had any pets, Goncalves, one of the victims he was accused of killing, had a dog that was at home at the time of the murders.

IndependentGustaf Kilander and Rachel Sharp have the story:

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Why is there a six month gap in Brian Kohberger’s preliminary hearing?

Duncan Levine, a former assistant district attorney in the Manhattan DA’s office with no official ties to the Idaho slayings, spoke to Independent What to expect next regarding the strength of the criminal case as it makes its way through the courts.

At his status hearing at the Latah County Courthouse on January 12, Brian Kohberger waived his right to an expedited trial – which would have given him a preliminary hearing within 14 days.

Instead, his lawyer asked that the next court date be delayed until the summer to give the defense more time to review all the evidence in the case.

The prosecution agreed to the request and the judge set a preliminary hearing for the week beginning June 26, setting aside the entire week for the hearing.

Officers reached the spot on November 13 at the student’s house on King Road

Now, the families of the victims and the public will have to wait another six months to learn more about the murders and the case against Mr Kohberger.

Mr Levin said the six-month time gap between the status hearing and the preliminary hearing was “somewhat unusual” but an indicator of the complexity of the case.

“It is somewhat unusual to see such a long gap but then there is nothing unusual in this case,” he added.

“Death penalty cases mean that everything will take longer and be done a little differently than you would expect to see in a typical case.”

He said that the delay of six months is beneficial for both the parties.

“The defense desires to be given as much time as possible to conduct its investigation before having an opportunity of cross-examining the State’s witnesses. Therefore, before any testimony is heard at the preliminary hearing, they may wish to have as much information in their hands as possible.” Looking forward to,” he said.

“Similarly, the prosecution needs time to conduct further investigation. For example, they will likely be conducting a forensic examination of Kohburger’s automobile and residence. And they haven’t yet been able to uncover a motive. He still has a lot of work to do.”

He added: “Both sides really need more time to review the evidence and develop their cases.”

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What Investigators Were Looking For In Brian Kohberger’s Apartment — And What They Found

When Brian Kohberger was charged last month with the brutal murders of four Idaho students, authorities immediately searched his dorm room and office at Washington State University.

First, the application filed in Washington’s Superior Court on December 29 requires police to search for “blood, or other bodily fluids or human tissue or skin cells, or items with blood or other bodily fluids or human tissue or skin cells.” was allowed to do. Belongings.”

It also stated that officers should look for “knives, sheaths, or other sharp instruments, any danglers, dirks, or swords, and any written signs of ownership of the dame, including sale receipts.”

IndependentGraeme Massey’s story is:

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Speculation abounds about Brian Kohberger’s ‘co-defendant’ in Idaho slaying

Mr Kohberger is facing the death penalty for the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Zana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin on November 13 in Moscow, Idaho.

IndependentRachel Sharp’s story is:

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Do Prosecutors Have an Airtight Case Against Brian Kohberger?

It will be six months before the families of Brian Kohberger and his alleged victims face each other in court again after their initial hearing was postponed until the summer.

A 28-year-old criminology PhD student could face the death penalty if he eventually goes on trial for the murders of Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Zana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin – four students who were found to have been killed violently 13 Off-campus home in Moscow, Idaho on Nov.

Prominent attorney talks to Duncan Levine Independent‘s Rachel Sharpe Read more about the case against Brian Kohberger and what to expect for the next steps from the defense and prosecution.

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ICYMI: Kaylee Goncalves’ family reveals possible reason why she called ex-boyfriend before Idaho murders

The family of Kaylee Goncalves has now shed new light on why she was calling her ex-boyfriend, Jack Ducor, in the hours before the brutal attack.

In an interview with YouTube channel History of Olivia Goncalves said her daughter broke up with Ducoir before post-graduation in Texas, but later expressed concern that she “might never find another Jack.” Paaye” and was considering getting back together with him.

Steve Goncalves, Kaylee’s father, said the couple remained friends and that the student who was killed was looking for any excuse. [Mr DuCoeur] to pick up the phone.”

Independent The story is:

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