Britain braces for hottest day on record with highest temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit

Britain is set for the hottest day on record on Monday, with a maximum expected of 41 degrees Celsius (106F).

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LONDON – Britain is gearing up for the hottest day on record with the south of England hitting a high of 41 degrees Celsius (106F).

The Met Office, Britain’s weather service, released red extreme heat warning On Monday and Tuesday for parts of central, northern, eastern and southeastern England.

This is the country’s first such warning for extraordinary heat.

Higher temperatures are also forecast across the UK, with an amber warning being issued for parts of England, Wales and Scotland.

UK Health Protection Agency released level four warning For England, reminding people to take precautions, including staying indoors and drinking plenty of water.

“Extraordinary, perhaps record-breaking temperatures are expected early next week,” Paul Gunderson, the Met Office’s chief meteorologist, said on Friday, with the potential to reach a new high at 80%.

record breaking height

The current record high temperature in the UK is 38.7 °C, which was reached in Cambridge, eastern England, on July 25, 2019.

London is set to bear the brunt of this week’s warmer weather, with the capital forecast to be one of the hottest places in the world on Monday.

a hit for businesses

Britain is unprepared for such extreme temperatures, with the Met Office warning that the heat is set to have “widespread effects on people and infrastructure”. Most homes in the UK do not have air conditioning units.

Some schools are planning to close early or not open at all, and the country’s main rail network has urged people to travel only “If absolutely necessary,” Several cancellation announcements and speed restrictions are already in place.

Britain’s Luton Airport, north of London, suspended flights on Monday due to a surface fault on the runway caused by high temperatures.

Warmer weather is also expected to impact business, with analysts predicting a drop in retail sales as buyers choose to stay indoors.

Chief Market Analyst Walid Kaudamani, “The extreme conditions in the UK – where temperatures are set to hit record highs – will have an impact on retail footfall and travel, with many shoppers choosing to stay home and stay out of the heat.” In financial brokerage XTB, said in a research note.

These are already challenging times for businesses, and especially those dependent on customer numbers, as many face the twin pressures of extremely high inflation and an escalating cost-of-living crisis.

Still, Kaudamani said the heatwave’s overall impact on the UK economy is likely to be minimal, given the current precedent for people to work from home as part of their weekly routine.

“It would be welcome to see a return to economic growth in May, where the UK economy grew by 0.5%,” he said.