Bringing back strong childhood memories: Reena Verma on her return home in Pakistan

Reena Chhibber Verma, an elderly woman from Pune whose Long cherished dream of going to his ancestral home in Rawalpindi She returned to India on Monday after spending five days at her childhood home in Pakistan. Reena Verma was trying to get Pakistan visa since 1965 but to no avail. She finally managed to get the visa this year when the Pakistan-India Heritage Club and Pakistan’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar assisted her in the process. Khar had seen Reena Verma’s video on social media which she made at the behest of a Pakistani journalist.

90-year-old Reena Verma’s last wish was to come to her home in Rawalpindi.

On Wednesday, she went to her ancestral residence Prem Niwas in Prem Gali, Rawalpindi and slept in her room after 75 years. Reena Verma was given a warm welcome at her home, which she left with her family during Partition.

Speaking to reporters at Attari, Reena Verma said, “It’s a great feeling. I don’t think anyone like me has done this before. I slept in my room. Before leaving the city in 1947, I used to sleep in that room.” was.”

She said, “I found a lot of love and affection there. It was more than I expected. It was my dream to see my home at least once. I always say that my hometown is Rawalpindi. When I saw my old house, my family I have no words to thank for the hospitality I received there. I would request the government to make it easier for the victims of partition who are above 90 years of age to go to Pakistan so that they can return to their homes. Can see

During her visit to Rawalpindi, Reena Verma was the attraction of all eyes. Everyone, including the media, stood outside his ancestral house to catch a glimpse of him. In August 1947, his family of five siblings moved to Pune. Although she was once able to move to Lahore as a young woman, she could never return to Rawalpindi.

She got emotional after seeing her house in Rawalpindi. He went to every room of the house to see the walls that he had left 75 years ago. She used to spend her time in the balcony of her house humming her childhood songs. When she saw that balcony again she was filled with emotion. This time also she spent some time in the balcony, stood there, sang the same song that she used to hum in childhood.