Boris Johnson’s notebooks ‘raised national security concerns’

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boris johnsonIt has been claimed that the notebook raised national security concerns “at the highest level” during his time in office.

they are being stopped by the government Pages with “highly sensitive content” were found after a security review.

cabinet Officein which the former Prime Ministernotebook of Official Covid-19 investigation has told that “some of the material under consideration may involve issues of national security”. it has also raised concerns about some Mr Johnson’s WhatsApp message, many times Reported on Saturday.

It comes amid a legal battle between the Cabinet Office and the inquiry over the content. Government seeking judicial review of check Chairwoman Baroness Hallett requests for all WhatsApp correspondence and notes of the former prime minister.

Ministers argue that some material is “clearly irrelevant” to the inquiry, but Baroness Hallett has said they should be able to decide what is relevant.

Ministers have confirmed they expect an early hearing in the High Court on or shortly after 30 June.

Officials have advised that sensitive passages in Mr Johnson’s diaries should only be seen by those with the highest security clearance.

The Cabinet Office has told the inquiry: “Some of the material in question may involve issues of national security and we appreciate the investigation’s understanding of the need to treat sensitive material appropriately. We appreciate both Mr Johnson and the inquiry Will continue to work with Google to ensure that any content that has security sensitivities is handled appropriately.

And many times It claimed that several instances of sensitive content have been identified and concerns have been raised at the highest level. It means Mr Johnson’s notebooks – expected to form the basis of a political memoir – will not be returned to him before a judicial review.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may be given a vote on the Privileges Committee report on Boris Johnson

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A Johnson spokesman said many times The government is returning his notebooks to him “so can’t be too concerned about their contents”.

A spokesman for the Cabinet Office said: “We do not comment on security matters.”

It came after Mr Johnson was accused of committing the crime Another “clear breach” of the rules by taking six-figures a weekly column in job writing daily Mail. He didn’t inform the appointments watchdog about the job until half an hour before the public announcement.

A Shameful Privileges Committee Report There will be a debate in the Commons on Monday as Rishi Sunak seeks to unite the warring Conservatives Member of parliament.

The report recommended that Mr Johnson should have faced a 90-day suspension if he had not resigned before his decision.

Although he can no longer do so, a cross-party group of MPs has also recommended that he should be banned from holding a pass to access Parliament for a number of offences.