Bodycam shows Ohio police dog maul unarmed Black man surrendering during traffic stop

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Recently released disturbing body camera footage captures a police dog mauling an unarmed black man with his hands up after a prolonged chase. ohio,

Jadarius Rose, 23, was driving a semi-tractor vehicle westbound on U.S. Route 35 on July 4. According to NBC News, the incident report states that when officers noticed that her trailer was “missing the left rear mud flap,” she did not respond to multiple calls to stop by a motor carrier enforcement inspector and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Officers also deployed stop sticks twice before Mr. Rose stopped his trailer on US Route 23, ending a “lengthy pursuit” by the officers.

But a police dog was released on him shortly after the suspect was ordered to exit the vehicle and get on the ground.

Bodycam footage shows the man kneeling in front of soldiers, with his hands in the air.

A constable is heard repeatedly warning: “Don’t leave the dog with your hands up”.

A Circleville police officer is heard shouting, “Get on the ground or you’ll be bitten”, ignoring the constable’s warning, after which he slaps the dog at the man.

Mr. Rose is heard screaming for help and asking police officers to get the K-9 away from him.

The dog can be seen biting and pulling the hand of the man, who is on his knees and howling in pain.

“get it off!” He is heard saying that a trooper asks to remove the dog from the suspect.

Another officer is heard asking for a first aid kit. The footage also shows a police officer covering his mouth with his hands and leaving the scene.

Officers said Mr Rose, 23, was eventually taken into custody and given first aid.

The Highway Patrol said the matter is still being investigated.

It is not immediately clear whether the officer who released the dog to attack the unarmed man has so far faced any disciplinary action.