‘Blood Pepsi’ thrown out of Finnish parliament over Russia business

The Finnish parliament̵7;s restaurants have stopped serving Pepsi over the soft drink’s parent company continuing its operations in Russia.

PepsiCo products are no longer available on the parliament’s premises, Finland’s public broadcaster Yle reported Tuesday

The decision follows a complaint from centrist member of parliament, Tuomas Kettunen, who on Monday asked the parliament to “set an example” by stopping the sale of “blood Pepsi.”

Last week, PepsiCo was added to the list of private companies that Ukraine considers to be “war sponsors” of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

The company stopped producing Pepsi, Mountain Dew and 7UP in Russia last September, but continues to sell its products in the country, where its profits quadrupled last year.

PepsiCo was not immediately available for comment.