BJP resigns for neglecting plight of backward communities in UP: Dara Singh Chouhan – India Times Hindi News

Former Uttar Pradesh minister Dara Singh Chouhan on Wednesday resigned from the state government. He is The second minister to leave the cabinet before the assembly elections.

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In an exclusive interview with India Today, Dara Singh Chouhan accused the Adityanath-led government of neglecting Dalits, backward classes, unemployed youth, farmers and small and medium traders in the state, which he cited as the reason for his resignation.

Dara Singh Chouhan served as the Minister of Forest and Environment in the Yogi Adityanath-led government.

When asked the reason for leaving the BJP and why the need was felt to leave the party just before the assembly elections, Dara Singh Chouhan said, “You know that the Yogi government was formed in 2017. Being the largest state in India, is the largest state. Is. The population is of OBC. This community and Dalits supported BJP from open ground. Even the local people and farmers supported the party. I also come from backward class, so I understand their pain. in the morning.”

The way he was treated in the last five years after the formation of the government, the way his fundamental rights were tampered with in the Constitution, I felt he would not get respect as he was neglected all the time. Is. ,

His resignation comes at a time when crucial assembly elections are due in Uttar Pradesh in seven phases in February and March.

Responding to a question as to why he did not try to bring about changes within the cabinet and if he was an opportunist, Dara Singh Chouhan said that the BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh due to the support of backward classes.

“I will tell you who is the opportunist. How BJP came to power? It is because of the support of backward classes in the last five years. But, now it will not happen. People from backward classes have understood their rights. They are one and the same. Who tried to form the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh.

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When asked whether there will be resignations? impact on upcoming electionsDara Singh Chouhan said, ‘Farmers who support BJP are now sleeping in their fields to protect their crops from animals. No one comes and asks about the plight of unemployed youth, Dalits and OBCs. Everyone is sad. And I was tired of seeing everyone. This. Hence, I decided to tender my resignation.”

“You New things will be heard in the coming daysBecause backward classes and Dalits supported BJP for their rights. But, now those rights are being taken away. The backward classes are disappointed. I raised my voice against injustice but it fell on deaf ears,” he said.

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