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The reality show, Bigg Boss 15, is about a person’s personality and the relationships that form inside the house. Every day, relationship dynamics see a turning point as friends become enemies and vice versa. Recently, a press conference was held on the show in which media outlets questioned the contestants on their gameplay, strategies and relationship. There were several shocking revelations during PC, ranging from Vishal Kotian’s Shamita Shetty-Rakesh Bapat comment to Karan Kundrra calling Umar Riaz an “ass”.

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Umar felt very sad when he came to know that his friends were making fun of him behind his back. In the latest episode, the audience got to see the anger of the contestants. He approaches Karan, Vishal and Tejasswi Prakash and firmly says that he will not make fun of them. He also warned Vishal for making fun of his medical profession. Earlier during a Weekend Ka Vaar episode, when Salman Khan When Umar was asked about the number of bones in the human body, he could not give a correct answer. Ever since Vishal has been making fun of it.

Umar questions Vishal about his understanding of the reason behind becoming a doctor. He said the goofiness on the question of ‘number of bones’ was just a bad day for him. Umar said that even actors give flop films. He added, “Salman bhai also gives flop films which doesn’t make him a bad actor.” Saying that it took him 10 years to become a doctor, Umar revealed that he would continue the profession even after the reality show.

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It was clear that many people were hurt by Omar’s remarks. He said that despite being his friends, Karan, Tejashwi and Vishal are making fun of him or roasting him, but he will not tolerate it.

The press conference has brought a change in the dynamics of the show and the relationships of the contestants.

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