Biden will visit New Jersey to promote agenda as House looks to vote this week – LIVE

Haugen testifies before British lawmakers on damage caused by Facebook

NS facebook whistleblower Lawmakers and colleagues scrutinizing the online security bill have to provide evidence amid calls to toughen the landmark law.

Francis Haugen has created a deep crisis Mark Zuckerberg’The social media empire after releasing thousands of internal documents detailing the company’s failure to keep its users safe from harmful content.

On Monday, Haugen, 37, will testify in person at the joint committee that is investigating draft online security bill, a piece of legislation that places a duty of care on social media companies to protect users – with the threat of substantial fines if they fail to do so.

Speaking to the Observer ahead of the hearing, Haugen said that Zuckerberg, the founder, chief executive and controlling shareholder of Facebook, has shown no urgency. protect the public The loss being caused to his company.

“Now, Mark [Zuckerberg] is not accountable. He has all the control. He has no oversight, and has not demonstrated that he is prepared to operate the company at the level necessary for public safety.”

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Reconciliation talks with Munchkin ‘went well,’ says Biden

Documents and recordings obtained by the Guardian shed new light on a powerful and secretive right-wing network and were able to influence it. Trump Administration Policies in favor of the super-rich.

The recording includes speeches given by conservative media stars to the National Policy Council (CNP): Dennis Praeger, emerging Republican power players such as Charlie Kirkee, and close economic advisor Donald Trump.

It seems that some of the previously published recordings are no longer publicly available.

The Guardian’s independently sourced recordings provide insight into how conservative economic thinkers — from bodies representing the interests of some of the nation’s richest individuals — were able to wield the perceived populist Trump.

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Biden will visit New Jersey as he faces a crucial week on the economic agenda