Biden will be the first Native American to be appointed United States Treasurer

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a native american Being appointed US Treasurer is a historic first.

The White House on Tuesday announced President Joe Biden̵7;s intention to appoint Marilyn “Lynn” Malerba as his administration establishes the Office of Tribal and Native Affairs at the Treasury Department, which will be overseen by the US Treasurer.

The treasurer’s duties include overseeing the US Mint, acting as a liaison with the Federal Reserve, and overseeing the Treasury’s Office of Consumer Policy. Treasurer’s signature appears on US currency.

Malerba, who is a lifelong chief of the Mohegan Indian tribe, previously worked as a registered nurse, according to the tribe’s website, and has served in various tribal government roles. The tribe’s reservation is located on the River Thames in Uncasville, Connecticut.

“For the first time in history, the name of a tribal leader and native woman will be a sign on our currency,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in remarks prepared before the announcement.

Yellen said, “Chief Malerba will expand our unique relationship with tribal countries, continuing our joint efforts to support the development of tribal economies and economic opportunities for tribal citizens.”

Yellen was set to visit the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota on Tuesday, the first time a Treasury secretary has visited a tribal nation. He is expected to focus on how the US rescue plan has affected Aboriginal communities.

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Marilyn “Lynn” Malerba is pictured here at the Tribal Offices on March 4, 2010 in Uncasville, Conn. Malerba, who is a Native American, has been named by Biden as the US Treasurer.
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The relief package allocated more than $30 billion to tribal governments, some of which look after some of the country’s poorest communities.

For example, according to US government estimates, 59% of Rosebud Sioux tribal households live in poverty. Native communities have also suffered the brunt of waves of COVID-19-related deaths and drug overdoses.

Biden, a Democrat, has taken several steps to demonstrate his commitment to tribal nations, including naming Deb Haaland as the first Native American to head the Department of the Interior.

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Leading a reckoning with Haaland of the US government Role in Native American boarding schools, which stripped children of their culture and identity.

On Wednesday, the Senate Indian Affairs Committee will hear the Interior Department’s report on its investigation into the federal government’s previous inspections of Native American boarding schools.

biden too issued the first presidential proclamation of Indigenous People’s Day, intended to re-center the federal holiday dedicated to the first explorer, Christopher Columbus, to appreciate the Indigenous peoples.

“It is especially important that our native voices are respected,” Malerba said in a statement. “This appointment underscores the commitment of this administration. I look forward to serving our communities as Treasurer and for the work ahead.”

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