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The big battle of Bengal of 2021 is over. But the conflict persists, and this time they are internal. Both the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the rival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are grappling with internal conflicts rather than fighting each other.

It all started in TMC with its National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee’s ‘Diamond Harbor Model’ to combat Covid. He took the initiative to reduce the positivity rate in the area by imposing strict restrictions. This was at a time when the Bengal government had announced in the court that it wanted the annual Gangasagar Mela to be held around Makar Sankranti to be held with pandemic precautions. The administration also wanted that the municipal elections to be held in some parts of the state should not be delayed.

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While most party leaders supported the Diamond Harbor model of Abhishek, who is also Mamata Banerjee’s nephew and Lok Sabha MP from the region, TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee criticized him, saying, “All India general secretary cannot have a personal opinion; He’s not my enemy, but what is he saying?”

Trinamool general secretary Kunal Ghosh reacted saying that Kalyan’s remarks are being monitored by the party disciplinary committee. Kalyan hit back saying that he only considers Mamata as his leader.

Things reached such an extent that a section of TMC supporters started campaigning against Kalyan, putting up posters against him on social media as well in their locality. Party MP Aparupa Poddar said that she should resign from the post of Trinamool’s chief whip in the Lok Sabha. Top party leaders had to get involved, and General Secretary Partha Chatterjee warned both Kalyan and Kunal to engage in a public fight.

But the fire could not be put out. TMC MLA and former minister Madan Mitra asked Chatterjee on Facebook where the aggrieved leaders should be heard. He was also warned.

Opposition leaders like BJP’s Amit Malviya claimed that there was an all-out war between Mamata Banerjee and her nephew. Another section argued that this may have been a way of trying to present Abhishek as a reformer and was to show all the differences.

BJP vice-president Dilip Ghosh said, “The power center is shifting in TMC, so people are confused. So earlier Narendra Modi used to talk about Mann Ki Baat. Now other TMC leaders are doing Mann ki Baat.

Many party insiders are of the opinion that Abhishek Banerjee is working on an excellent mission to reduce the positivity of Kovid, but there are some who felt that he would get a lot of limelight after TMC’s victory in 2021 assembly elections. has been And he tried to use Kalyan as one. pawn against him.

Political commentator Sambit Pal said, “If you follow the old strategy of Mamata Banerjee, she allows some people from her party to speak against each other or show open rebellion. It is basically to understand the pulse of the party and maintain balance of power. He has preferred to remain silent on the recent turmoil and what we see on the surface is also an old problem of TMC, the divide between the young and the original Trinamool (Trinamool’s new and old guard). Earlier, the young TMC was headed by Abhishek Banerjee. This created a parallel organization in the party. I think the current verbal revolt by some of the party leaders is not going to spoil as Abhishek Banerjee has cemented his place as No. 1 in the party.

Veteran Trinamool MP Saugata Roy said, “Internal issues of the party should not come to the fore. If anyone has any problem then it should be discussed within the party.

Kunal Ghosh, considered close to Abhishek told News18, “There is only healthy competition in TMC; Everyone is trying their best.”

BJP is also not untouched by this incident. From posters to social media, an internal campaign is going on against party general secretary Amitabh Chakraborty. A dissident group led by Union Minister of State Shantanu Thakur is leaving the party WhatsApp group, holding separate meetings and making controversial statements.

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Sambit Pal said, “BJP leaders in the state have not yet realized that they are the major opposition party in Bengal, even if they did not come to power.” “On the other hand, central BJP leaders, for obvious reasons, are busy in the north. State. The RSS has either lost control or has lost interest in the ‘Hybrid Bengal BJP’. Otherwise, it is hard to believe how there can be an open rebellion against the General Secretary (Organisation) who is a direct recruit of the RSS. It is unfortunate that a state is suffering due to lack of strong opposition for decades.

Interestingly, both the sides are making fun of each other over the infighting. Former minister in the Narendra Modi government Babul Supriyo, who recently joined the TMC, said he quit the BJP due to “dirty infighting”.

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