Belgian PM apologizes to Dutch for upside-down flag mistake

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Crew apologized To his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte after the Netherlands flag was found to be hung incorrectly during a visit earlier this week.

De Crew posted a video on social media on Wednesday thanking Rutte for coming to Brussels and saying a “very important issue” needed to be addressed. He then went to a flag and said: “The Dutch flag should be like this.”

The Dutch tricolor was facing the wrong direction when the two men met. Tuesday, with blue instead of red. During the last years an upside down Dutch flag was used as a symbol. protest of farmers against plans to cut nitrogen emissions.

Protocol error was raised quickly twitter userTheo Franken, a Belgian MP from the Flemish nationalist N-VA party, calls the Netherlands “our best and most important neighbor” and complains that “it is not even possible to hang their flag correctly.”

Rutte responded to the apology by reposting De Crew’s video on Twitter and saying “It’s great to see our tricolor hanging straight again, it’s the best this way” and called De Crew a “nice meeting”. thanked for

dutch prime minister was in brussels Ready For the summit of the European Council on 9 and 10 February.

Ellen Boonen contributed reporting.