B.C. father and son duo charm worldwide audiences on music YouTube channel | Globalnews.ca

A father and son duo from East Vancouver is gaining attention around the world with their YouTube channel.

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Son, Connor and father, Kevin have now hit half a million subscribers on their channel called Turning the Tables.

Each week they talk music and appreciate albums that Connor picks and shares with his dad.

“I love all kinds of art. I like music, I like film. And one of my favourite things about just experiencing art is being able to share it with other people and see how they react to it and how they feel, see if they feel the same,” Connor told Global News.

“And I wanted to do that with my dad because we tend to share a lot of the same interests.”

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He said he wanted to find a way to share his dad’s reactions with everyone so they could also feel the music and react and that’s how they created the YouTube channel.

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“My dad is one of the most talented people I know in regards to a lot of aspects of life,” Connor continues.

“You know, for one, he’s the best father, and two, he’s a fantastic musician. He’s great with people, he’s great at entertaining, he’s great at, you know, just talking and being a good human, good person. And I felt like that is something I would like to, you know, more people to see and recognize in you, especially the music aspect.”

But Kevin wasn’t on board right away.

He wasn’t in the best health and it was the middle of the COVID pandemic but Connor wouldn’t back down.

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But one day, Kevin was feeling OK and they sat out in the backyard together and listened to A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead.

“You gave me new life, like you really did,” Kevin said.

“You and I just sitting, talking about music and then having the headphones on together and having two hours together. We’ve never done that in such an open way.”

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And people around the world have been appreciating it, too.

Connor said they started getting messages from people requesting music for them to listen to and telling them they loved the dynamic between the father and son.

And now Kevin said he loves hearing from people the most.

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“I print them and the ones that really touch me, I print them and I bring them to Connor,” he said

“They give him a read for a cry, and then we both look at them together and then we respond. So that’s my favourite part of it is the human connection.”

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