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Atlanta: Atlanta police on Tuesday arrested a 22-year-old man who shot and killed a 6-month-old baby a day earlier.

Police said Grayson Fleming-Gray was shot at 2:30 p.m. Monday after getting into a vehicle. Mayor Andre Dickens announced the arrest during a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, praising the police’s quick work in making the arrests.

They were asking all over the place and looking for clues,” Dickens said. “They worked nonstop for 24 hours till the issue was resolved and now a suspect is being arrested.

Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant identified the suspect as 22-year-old Dekasy Little. He was found in Decatur and arrested on charges of aggravated assault and felony. It was not immediately clear whether he had a lawyer who could comment on the allegations.

I wouldn’t cheer for the fact that we were able to catch this person in such a short amount of time,” Bryant said. I’m mad as hell that the incident happened in the first place.

Bryant said the investigation is ongoing and that police will continue to pursue other people they believe were involved. He declined to comment on the motive behind the shooting and pointed to Little’s previous arrests: there is no surprise in his actions. I’ll leave it at that.

He said violence has spiraled out of control across the country and many people are resorting to guns to resolve conflicts.

Bryant said he and the mayor were speechless when they met with the child’s mother on Monday.

What can you say to the mother who lost the baby in the crap, crap?” He said. “We have to do better, as the mayor says. We have to do better.

Dickens echoed the chief’s views on gun violence.

The issue of gun violence is gripping this country and engulfing this city, and I will suffice here to say that. Enough is enough,” he said.

Dickens called on members of the community to advocate for people to put guns down and to resolve conflicts by de-escalation. She said she has met with dozens of nonprofits and community leaders to help young people with their vision to help them become productive members of society rather than violence.

Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis stressed that her office is working with the mayor and law enforcement to aggressively target repeat offenders and ensure they receive severe punishment.

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