Ashes 2021-22 4th Test, Day 4: Australia v England – LIVE! – Henry Club – India Times English News

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Trust everyone with a fresh start from yesterday’s Restoration Day game. For those thinking about Friday evening in front of cricket, Jonny Bairstow’s century and Stokes’ half-century undoubtedly warmed the heart. It was flamboyant, it was gutsy, and as we’ve learned since then, not a bit quick to boot. So, by all means, to shake things up.

It leaves England with half the brightness in this match, but that’s all. Quite simply Australia will work to set the target after beating them today, while England will try to get it as deep as they can with the bat.

I hope we see Bairstow’s strike, after which the bowling and fielding strategy in these conditions will be discussed.

My initial understanding is that storms tend to come overnight, but the weather seems fine to start in time. I write it temporarily. I’m going to study it now for some more details, but in the meantime if you’re keen to catch up on tomorrow’s action, here it is. Ali Martin reports from the SCG,

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