Arvind Kejriwal’s Law Department Refuses To Pay Bills Of Advocates Retained By Delhi Government: Report

New Delhi, 29 November (IANS). The Law Department of the Delhi government has refused to pay several bills raised by senior advocates for gross non-compliance of financial rules and violation of conditions of engagement by Law Minister Kailash Gehlot. Sources gave this information.

A source in the law department said on Tuesday that it appears clear that Gehlot did so in full knowledge of the rules to be followed in such cases and with the intention of not paying and instead blaming the law department. Willfully violated it. Appointed.

“After all, no official in the government will waive illegal financial payments for fear of invoking adverse audit paras by the CAG, which often leads to probes by agencies and harassment of officials,” said the source.

Among many others, a bill of Rs 15,50,000 presented by senior advocate Kapil Sibal and a bill of Rs 9,80,000 presented by another senior advocate Rahul Mehra were rejected by the law department citing gross deviation from rules. Have given. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government itself will induct senior advocates and advocates on record (AOR).

The law department also does not agree with the appointment of Kapil Sibal and Rahul Mehra and AORs Jyoti Mendiratta and Sudhanshu Padhi in various cases in which they were directly involved by Gehlot.

“Gehlot did this by utter fraud and in violation of rules, which mandate the concurrence of the Finance Department before forwarding the proposal on file by the Law Department for the approval of the Law Minister. , before a lawyer can be appointed, which also puts a question mark on many people.” There are other bills which are pending for settlement.

The Principal Secretary (Law) has submitted the report of the department’s inability to process under Rule 57 of the GNCT of Delhi Transaction of Business Rules (TOBR) to Law Minister, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena. Bill in view of violation of rules

In the case of Govind Swaroop Chaturvedi vs NCT of Delhi and others, a non-official note dated May 28, 2021 by Gehlot directly approached Rahul Mehra, alleging that the AAP government was only working with voter ID cards. Providing insurance benefits to advocates. Plan. Of Delhi.

Similarly, Kapil Sibal was made a party by Gehlot in the case WP(C) 10494/2018 in the Delhi High Court through a non-official order dated October 23, 2018. The matter pertains to a suo motu writ petition in which a matter was raised by the court regarding non-appointment of presiding officers in various family courts in the national capital, despite directions from the High Court to this effect.

The source said that Sibal had handed over the bill directly to Gehlot, which is a gross violation of the laid down procedure.

In the case of appointment and payment of senior advocates by the government in the Supreme Court and High Courts, the prescribed procedure involves fixing the amount due to the advocates before their appointment and then getting the amount approved by the Finance Department. Only after taking the approval of the Law Minister on the file, a person can be appointed, which has to be approved by the LG beforehand.

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