Artist uses a tampon to recreate Heidi Klum’s Golden Globes outfit

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An artist has created a miniature version of the costume Heidi Klum I wore golden globes – using a tampon and tinfoil.

Angelica Hicks shares several recreations of celebrities’ show-stopping outfits on Instagram, where she has more than 131,000 followers.

in a recent video, he documented the process of creating Klum’s silver sequin mini dress look at the 80th Annual Awards ceremony last Tuesday. She paired the outfit with a silver choker and heels and a purple feather boa.

To begin creating his replica, Hicks placed a small piece of foil over the body of a blonde Barbie doll. Before using duct tape to make the shoes, she then cut up the foil and used it as a choker.

For the final part of the look, Hicks took out a tampon and dipped it in some purple eyeshadow, then wrapped the tampon around the doll to recreate Klum’s boa.

America’s Got Talent Judge reposts Hick’s video her own instagram And praising the artist wrote: “Wow I love you @angelicahiks and i like your entertainment @kevingermanier Search @goldenglobes Bravo 🤍”

In the comments of Hicks’ post, many of her viewers also applauded and poked fun at her idea of ​​using tampons for the costume.

“The tampons really made it for me,” wrote one, while another added: “Nice!! Quite relieved her scarf wasn’t red… ow.

“The tampon… you are creative and brilliant,” wrote a third.

Other Instagram users, in general, praised her skill at recreating outfits, with one writing: ,You are very good at this.

“Looks like a sequined Betty Flintstone,” said another. “Awesome as always!!!”

With Klum dressed, Hicks posed and replicated the gown worn by Klum. Selena Gomez at this year’s Golden Globes, For the outfit, she used a black mini dress and shawl to remake the long dress. She also took a purple T-shirt, stuffing from the pillow, and a piece of fabric to recreate the long, puffy sleeves of the dress.

Last month, Klum also praised hicks on instagram when she recreated the model’s white dress she wore Avatar: The Way of Water, out of plastic wrap. In addition to using plastic wrap, Hicks put clear tape over a pair of black heels before slicking her hair back to match Klum’s red carpet hairstyle.

Independent Polygon contacted Angelia for comment.