Apple is making a ‘Pro’ Watch that could be divisive

Apple is planning a high-end, “Pro” version of its watch that could prove divisive, according to a new report.

The Watch will have a much bigger display, and receive the first full redesign since 2018, Bloomberg reported.

It will have a range of features that will presumably set it apart from the normal Watch: a bigger display, a longer battery life that could allow the watch to work for multiple days, and a body temperature sensor.

But the screen is so much bigger – about 7 per cent larger – that will be big enough that it might only appeal to some customers, Mark Gurman reported.

Until now, Apple has offered the Watch in only two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. While Apple did expand the size of the screen with the Apple Watch Series 4, it did so while keeping the external casing of the Watch almost exactly the same.

As such, the “Pro” model would presumably be the largest Watch that Apple has ever offered, by some distance.

It will also get a new design, the first to come to the Apple Watch lineup for four years. The design will keep the rectangular shape that has characterised every Apple Watch, and will not get the flat sides that were rumoured last year and would bring it in line with the iPhone, iPad and Macs.

The Watch will also be made of a new more durable formulation of titanium that would make it more rugged, the report claims. Mr Gurman has in the past suggested that Apple is preparing a more sport-focused version of the Watch, using new materials that would allow it to withstand climbing and other tough activities.