Analysis: US 27th least corrupt country in the world – Henry Club – India Times English News

The United States is in 27th place – along with Chile. Both have a Corruption Perception Index score of 67.

By comparison, the least corrupt countries – Denmark, Finland and New Zealand – all have one score of 88Countries with healthy scores are several major democracies in Western Europe, including Germany (80) and the United Kingdom (78).

The Corruption Perception Index score of the United States had been on the decline for several years. The US was ranked 76th in 2015. Was ranked 74th in 2016. The US was ranked 67th as of 2020, where it remained in 2021.

“The country’s lack of progress on the CPI can be explained by relentless attacks against free and fair elections, violent attacks on the US Capitol, and an increasingly opaque campaign finance system.”

It turns out that a former president – ​​and the undisputed leader of the Republican Party – actively undermines the outcome of a free and fair election. real and permanent.

PointAmerican democracy is set to face Trump’s attempt to override it in 2020 – but only barely. Traces of that effort – and the ongoing work to question the legitimacy of the election – remain.