Akali leader’s sharp stance on former CM Channi: Majithia, who was released from jail, said – I have kept a video, ‘Challa’ will come back to life – Bharat Times English News

Chandigarh11 minutes ago

Akali leader Bikram Majithia speaking to reporters in Chandigarh.

Former Akali minister Bikram Majithia, who came out on bail in drugs case, has shown a sharp attitude towards former CM Charanjit Channi. Majithia in Chandigarh said that I have a video of Channi. When he comes back, I’ll drive it. However, Majithia did not reveal what the video is about. It was the Congress government led by former CM Channi that had registered a case against Majithia. Whose Channi took a lot of credit in the election also as an action against drugs. In this case, Majithia had to spend 168 days in Patiala Jail. Channi is currently on a foreign tour.

The drug case was registered against the Akali leader only after Charanjit Channi became the CM.

Channi lost from 2 seats if I oppressed me
Majithia said that it is history that governments indulge in a lot of ruthlessness. That’s why governments change. When the Congress government oppressed me, they lost. This is the first time that sitting Chief Minister Charanjit Channi has lost badly from two seats. Now the song ‘Challa Mudke Nahi Aaya’ is playing about Channi. Majithia said that I will start from where I have left.

Ayali showing rebellious attitude was called brother
Majithia’s tone was soft on Manpreet Ayali, MLA from Ludhiana’s Dakha, who was showing a rebellious attitude in the Akali Dal. Majithia said that Manpreet Ayali is my brother. I have a family relationship with him. We have been companions of happiness and sorrow. Anyone can put forth their views. We are one family and will remain family.

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