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BOGOTA: A senior Airbus official on Monday defended the European planner’s production targets as it clashed with leasing companies concerned about overproduction of jetliners.

Airbus is expected to produce nearly twice that of its best-selling A320 family as air travel picks up pace after the coronavirus crisis. Critics have accused him of ignoring the impact on jet prices and service revenue.

“The key to all of this is that we have these firm contracts with our customers – we can’t say we’re not going to honor those contracts because we think they’re too much for the business,” said Airbus. he said. Latin America President Arturo Barrera said. On the sidelines of the ALTA Airline Conference in Bogota.

“We have those commitments with our customers, so there is demand and we see the interests of many airlines re-energizing to improve fleets,” he told Reuters.

Industry sources said that earlier on Monday, Airbus had rejected a call to halt production from leasing companies, which fear the impact of too much production on the value of existing assets.

The controversy deepened an industry split over COVID demand after Airbus angered engine makers and other suppliers over the pace of its planned production growth.

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