Agneepath protest: BJP accuses Congress of doing politics, using youth for vested interests

Vibha Sharma

New Delhi, June 19

Amid fierce protests against the Agneepath Military Recruitment Scheme, the BJP today accused opposition parties of playing politics on issues of national security and armed forces to destabilize the government and use youth for vested interests.

Terming the Congress’ pure politics against the Agneepath plan as “Satyagraha”, party spokesperson Sambit Patra also criticized Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra for toppling the government.

“We should all stand on the issues of security and security of the country, united as Indians and not as individuals of these political parties,” Patra said, questioning how India reforms, performs. , won’t change.

Reacting to Priyanka’s remark that the ‘plan will kill the youth and destroy the army’, Patra also wondered why the defense services were working on a ‘decreasing strength’ for 10 years during the Congress rule. Why did they not demand reforms?

“Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has said that her aim is to topple the government. So, it is quite clear that they are not worried about the armed forces and youth of this country. it’s sad.

“There should be no politics on subjects of national importance. But politics is happening on such a subject and the officers of the armed forces will have to come forward and explain it (Agneepath scheme),” he said.

Patra said there was no room for doubt in the manner in which the Additional Secretary, Department of Military Affairs, Lt Gen Anil Puri explained the Agneepath program at a press conference today.

“It is sad to say that there should be no politics on some subjects. Politics is also happening in the country on the subject of national policies and the army officers have to come and explain to them and say that there is no place for arson and violence in this country and do not indulge in violence. Told.

Patra also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “walking on fire” (path of fire) for the progress of the country and said the opposition “is unable to digest it”.

“The Prime Minister walks the path of reform, performance and transformation by working round the clock. He walks on the path of Agneepath so that my country can progress, my India can become great. But some people are not able to digest this national policy, politics is being done on this too.

Congress MPs and leaders on Sunday held a ‘Satyagraha’ at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in solidarity with the youth opposing the Centre’s plan to recruit in the armed forces.