After ‘Madhura Manohara Moham’, Rajisha Vijayan stresses on the importance of creative collaborations in films

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Rajisha Vijayan’s Meera Mohan, her character in her latest Malayalam release Madhura Manohara Moham, This is in stark contrast to what Meera projects in front of her friends and family. His complexion is dark brown. Actors admit to leaning towards such characters. “Human beings are not all black and white; I want to explore such characters. even eli [Elizabeth, her character in her debut film Anuraga Karikkin Vellam] Don’t like it initially but it changes as the film progresses,” the Kochi-based actor says over phone from Kozhikode, where he is on a break.

Meera dates multiple men at the same time without any remorse or guilt. It is to the credit of director Steffi Xavier and writers, Mahesh Gopal and Jai Vishnu, that there is no moral to take home when the film is over. The ending is left open, leaving the audience to wonder whether Mira has truly mended her ways.

“Nobody has a problem with her character, and she’s underrated. do we judge a male character who does the same thing [in films], We laugh it off without taking it seriously. The same thing applies here as well.” For the character to get into the lead, she had to think like Mira because “she wouldn’t rate herself.” He is happy that the audience understood this and did not misunderstand his character.

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Rajisha is in progress; This is his fifth release after this year dear your veda, Pakalum Pathiravum, personnel, And check, mmm is doing well at the box office, especially attracting the family audience to the theatres. “The success of the film shows that content is king. mmm It is a small film, be it in terms of budget or setting. Regardless of the scale or clout of the actors, content rules. And this film also proves that humor is what draws the audience to the theatres. watch movies likeromancham, jay jay jay jay hey etc. who did good business. Comedy is not being written like before. People want to watch films just to laugh, such family films are not being made the way they used to be a decade ago,” she says.

Rajisha Vijayan | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The team was advised not to release the film in June. The fears, which included disruption of the game by rain and school reopenings, were misplaced. Rajisha gives credit 2018 To give a new lease of life to the Malayalam film industry affected by the lukewarm response to the theatrical release. ,2018 There has been a big change, a welcome change – bringing Kerala back to the theatres.

Ahmed Khabir was the game changer for Rajisha june (2017) won her the State Award for Best Actor (Female) despite her debut role. The coming-of-age film was about a young woman, June Sarah Joy, finding her way through life and love. In this blockbuster she starred alongside actors like Sunny Wayne [in a cameo], Arjun Ashokan, Joju George and Aju Varghese among others. This opened the door to projects in which he was assigned to film; movies like Final, Godown, freedom struggle [Geethu Unchained in the anthology film]And check,

handle a movie

“Post-juneSuch films started coming my way but I don’t want to stress myself about it. Somebody has to fulfill the responsibility of the film – hero or heroine. Not everyone is given the privilege to do so. He said, I want to do different types of characters and try not to repeat them. I try to play roles that help me grow as an actor. The length of the role doesn’t matter. my role in MalayankunjuWas short, but it was relevant to the script.

Suraj Verma, Director check, lists that as one of the reasons he chose Rajisha as Annie in the film. “She is one of those actors who does not look for anyone to act in a film. He has no fear of doing a film without a ‘hero’ and making it his own,” he added. The dacoity film is about two women – an unconventional choice – Rajisha and Priya Warrier as two friends who rob a bank.

The fact that manufacturers invest in such projects proves that they are considered bankable. “While being bankable is important, after all the business side is just as important as the creative side of things. A producer cannot get 100% return on all the films, but the films should do good collections. Rajisha says, “Ultimately, we are all trying to make good films in the hope that things will work out.”

Although director Steffi Xavier is one of her closest friends in the industry, she admits she didn’t get any special treatment for it. The good thing was that her shots were okay in just a few takes, “because I’ve known her so long that I know what she wants or what she’s up to before she even speaks.”

female friendship

Speaking of Steffi, the conversation turned to the importance of female friendship in real life and on reel, and the bonds that result from creative collaborations and how women boost each other. She says the perception that women artistes are competitive has to be changed. Equally important is the representation of female friendship on screen. “Unlike the friendship of heroes, female friendship is not explored as much as it should be.” that was one of the reasons why he chose it check,

The sisterhood she talks about includes not just actors, but women from all aspects of filmmaking. “We need a strong sense of brotherhood, which inspires us to uplift each other. That female actors are competitors and we can’t be friends is not true anymore. It cannot exclude men; For either gender to come forward, the others have to come together.”

he is happy that everything turned out together mmm, and it became preferred among select audiences with access to various platforms for content after 2020. ,