A man jumped out of a taxiing airplane at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport

Southwest Flight 4236 from Colorado Springs arrived safely in Phoenix, Southwest Airlines said in a statement.

Southwest Airlines spokesman Dan Landson said: “Preliminary reports indicate that a customer exited the plane through the back door as the flight was headed for the gate.” “The flight captain intercepted the aircraft and informed Air Traffic Control (ATC).”

It is not clear how the plane’s door was opened.

Phoenix Fire Station 19, which is located at the airport, was notified of the incident at approximately 8 a.m., Phoenix Fire Department Captain Todd Keller said in a statement.

Keller said the man landed on the tarmac and went to the fire station, broke into the building and locked himself in a dorm room.

“After a few minutes, firefighters were able to open the door to the adult male, where he was assessed, treated and taken to a local hospital for a lower extremity injury,” the fire captain said.

Southwest Airlines said officials responded to the incident, after which the flight “continued to its designated gate.”

A spokesman for Phoenix Police told CNN they were “aware of the incident, and the investigation is ongoing at this time.”

It is not clear whether the man will face charges.