37 actors who almost died on set

Actors might appear to have the ideal job, but it doesn’t come without its dangers.

Maintaining safety on the set of films and TV shows might be a primary concern when cameras begin rolling, but with many variables to control, there are times when control is lost, leaving actors with close calls or life-threatening injuries.

Tragically, there is a long history of people dying on film sets, whether it be actors (The Crow star Brandon Lee in 1993), stunt performers (The Walking Dead‘s John Bernecker in 2017) or emergency service workers assigned to oversee certain sets (firefighter Lieutenant Michael Davison died in 2018 when a fire broke out on the set of recent Edward Norton film Motherless Brooklyn).

But, there have also been plenty of times where world-famous stars have either been the victims of stunts-gone-wrong or, in the case of Aaron Paul and Uma Thurman, cheated death in an extremely lucky way.

Scroll through the below gallery to find out which actors almost died on set of their films or television shows.

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