3 women critical, 1 leg injured after taxi jump in Manhattan; The group removed the cabs from the victims

MIDTOWN, MANHATTAN (WABC) – A taxi rammed a bicyclist, jumped a curb and crashed into a group of pedestrians, injuring six, injuring three in midtown Manhattan on Monday. We’re here, and we’re learning more about the victims.

One of the women pinned by the cab had to amputate her leg, and the same fate could befall the other victim.

The accident happened at 29th Street on Broadway just before 1 p.m. Monday.

Officials say the cab was headed west on 29th Street, turning left onto Broadway on the right side of the road, when a 50-year-old man on a Citibike blew his way through a red light, causing a collision at the intersection. happened.

“When I saw the video yesterday, I was disappointed to see that the cyclist went through a red light,” Mayor Eric Adams said. “It was disturbing. So it’s human error, human negligence, and road redesign. That’s the combination.”

The cyclist collided with the front left corner of the yellow taxi, causing him to fall to the ground. The cyclist was dragged as the taxi continued on the sidewalk, where he hit four pedestrians while pinning two women.

In what NYPD Deputy Police Chief John Chell called a “remarkable scene,” 15 to 20 Good Samaritans tried to lift cabs from victims.

Eyewitness News found an exclusive video of that effort.

A 32-year-old woman from Mexico had to have her leg amputated, while a 48-year-old woman from Columbus, Ohio also suffered a serious leg injury that could require amputation.

A 32-year-old woman from Mexico had bruises on her body, while a 31-year-old woman from Columbus also suffered less serious injuries.

The 50-year-old cyclist was treated for a broken arm, while the 60-year-old taxi driver was checked out for minor injuries.

A 40-year-old passenger in the taxi, a Chicago resident, was wearing a seatbelt and was not injured.

Mayor Eric Adams thanked the New Yorkers who came to the pedestrians’ aid, saying that the Good Samaritan “raises the symbol of New York.”

“When you see the video of New Yorkers out there reacting to rescue crash victims, it really emphasizes how an amazing city we are,” he said. “No matter how difficult things are, no matter how many people say New Yorkers can be rude and New Yorkers can be bad, when it’s time to help each other, we’re there. And I just want to say thank you personally.”
Raw video from NewsCopter7 above the scene:

Adams also contacted Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther.

“Mayor Adams contacted Mayor Ginther in New York City regarding two Columbus residents being hit by a taxi, in order to help families travel to New York City,” his office said in a statement. “We ask the community to keep the injured and their loved ones in their prayers after this horrific accident.”

Investigators are investigating why the taxi continued on the pavement after hitting the cyclist, including checking the taxi for possible mechanical faults.

The driver made a preliminary statement that his brakes were not working, although investigators would also look into operator error.

No charges or summons have been issued against the cyclist or taxi driver, but the investigation is ongoing.

TLC said that the taxi driver’s license is in good condition.

Adams visited the scene Monday night and vowed that his administration would learn from the accident and try to prevent it from happening again.

“Traffic safety is all of our concerns, and we will continue to move forward to make sure our roads are safe,” Adams said.

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