2 workers killed as construction ditch collapses in St. Paul

scheduled tribe. Paul, Min. Two workers were killed when a construction ditch collapsed in St. Paul on Friday afternoon.

The St. Paul Fire Department says it collapsed around 3 p.m. in a construction area on the 700 block of Mount Curve Boulevard, near the Mississippi River in the Highland Park neighborhood.

While firefighters responded quickly to the scene, it was too late to secure the ditch and rescue workers buried underground.

“We feel terrible for the victims when something like this happens,” Assistant Fire Chief Matt Simpson said. “We train for it every single day … Unfortunately, the time was not with us to make up that difference today.”

Lahannes St. Fleur saw dozens of first-responders flood the street near their home. He and others grieved for the workers and their families.

“I am so sad that this happened,” he said. “My heart really goes out to those people.”

Fire officials say that the first victim was recovered around 9.30 pm and the second at 2.30 pm.

No other injuries were reported.