1,2…Third promise to the tribals? What will Kejriwal do on his Gujarat tour after the promise of free electricity and jobs? – India Times English News

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal will be on a two-day visit to Gujarat from Saturday as part of his campaign ahead of the assembly elections due in December this year.

The AAP chief had announced during his earlier tours that his party had claimed guarantees like free electricity up to 300 units and monthly unemployment allowance for the youth of the state.

Now it has to be seen what Kejriwal announces as his third promise. But it seems the guarantee may have something to do with Gujarat’s tribal population, which is considered an important votebank.

“On Sunday, you will address a public rally in Bodeli town in the major tribal-dominated Chhotaudpur district. He will also announce another guarantee for the people of the state, which the party will implement after coming to power.

‘A ray of hope for a special segment’

Senior AAP leader Isudan Gadhvi told India Today Kejriwal will attend a huge public meeting in Bodeli. He said that in the public meeting he will announce the third guarantee for the people of Gujarat. “This third guarantee will be very important for a particular class. This will be a ray of hope for them. We are expecting huge crowd at the public meeting in Bodeli,” he was quoted as saying.

This will be Kejriwal’s second visit to the tribal area. Tribal vote bank is important for Gujarat assembly elections. It used to be a stronghold of Congress, but now the hold of BJP is getting stronger here.

earlier promises

Gujarat AAP said in a statement that on Saturday afternoon, Kejriwal will also hold a town hall meeting with the traders and shopkeepers of Jamnagar city to discuss their issues.

During his earlier visits, Kejriwal had announced free electricity up to 300 units as well as monthly unemployment allowance to the youth of the state.

The AAP chief had earlier said that if his party forms the government in Gujarat, every unemployed person will be given a job and those who do not get a job will get Rs 3,000 per month.

Earlier, during his visit to Surat, the Delhi Chief Minister had promised 300 units of free electricity to all domestic consumers and 24×7 electricity to cities and villages across Gujarat, if his party is elected. He has also promised to clear all outstanding electricity bills by December 31, 2021.

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