100 million Americans will be in ‘extreme heat belt’ region by 2053

By 2053, more than 100 million Americans will live with intensely hot temperatures in the summer — bringing new and worsened health risks as the climate crisis heats up the planet.

About eight million people in the US live in counties that are expected to reach above 125 degrees Fahrenheit at some point in 2023, a new study finds.

But by 2053, those kinds of extremes could affect 107 million people in the county, in an ‘extreme heat belt’ blanketing about 25 per cent of the US, the study, from the non-profit First Street Foundation, finds.

“We need to be prepared for the inevitable, that a quarter of the country will soon fall inside the Extreme Heat Belt with temperatures exceeding 125 degrees Fahrenheit,” First Street CEO Matthew Eby said via a press release.

“And the results will be dire.”

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