10 thousand crores German aid for green projects

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, 25 November

Germany has announced additional assistance of 1.2 billion euros (about Rs 10,000 crore) to India in development cooperation. This was announced during the ongoing bilateral government talks during the visit of the delegation of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

“You know, every fifth person on this planet is Indian. Without Indians you can’t solve any major problem of the world, and one of the biggest is climate change. We try to work together with India and help with climate change, renewable energy and similar projects, which also helps in working towards our own goals at COP26 in Glasgow,” German Ambassador Walter Lindner told the media.

“All this is important and it can only be done together with India. While we try to support India, we deliver on our goals in Glasgow. Here, we assist India in a range of projects across the country which is huge in dimension,” he said.

India is Germany’s largest development cooperation partner, based on four major megatrends – climate change, urbanization, depletion of natural resources and pressures on democracy and society. “Germany wants to further strengthen this partnership and is therefore committed to its friendship for the people of India,” said Claudia Warning, director general of Germany’s Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Germany already collaborates with India on energy (€5.08 billion), sustainable urban development (€3.16 billion), management of natural resources and agriculture (€435 million) and other activities, particularly as centers of vocational training, health and social security. working in (€568 million).